Beyond Belief | Episode:1 with Bishwajit Singh Sir

Episode 1 "Beyond Belief: Examining the Intersection of Religion and Politics in India"

“Beyond Belief: Examining the Intersection of Religion and Politics in India” is a thought-provoking episode that delves into the complex relationship between belief, religion, and politics in India. The episode begins by introducing the topic of belief in India, with a focus on the Hindu belief in Ram and the ongoing controversy surrounding the Ram Mandir. It explores the concept of “Ram” and how it is perceived in Jainism. The episode also introduces the term “Sanatani” and examines its use in Indian society. The episode delves into the history of India and the invasion of the Ram Mandir, highlighting the significance of this issue in Indian society. It also explores the idea that religion should not be used for political gain and the importance of understanding the true meaning of Hinduism. The episode also touches on the evolution of belief and the revival of Hinduism



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