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ITR 2 For FY 2022-23 & AY 2023-24

Income Tax Department of India has categorized its taxpayers based on their income earned in a year, source of income, and other factors. There is also a specific form for each category, which is necessary for income tax filing. ITR Form 2 is one such form used for filing an income tax return by individuals and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF). The last date of filing ITR 2 is 31st July of every financial year.

It is crucial to fill ITR 2 form with precision to avoid any misinformation or its consequences. ITR 2 means Income Tax Return form 2.

    • ITR 2 means Income Tax Return form 2, which is for all individuals and HUFs. Individuals and HUFs can file ITR 2 if they are not receiving income from business or other professions. If you have income from the following sources, you must file ITR-2:

      1) Salary/pension income

      2) Income from one or more house property

      3) Income from short-term/long-term capital gains or losses from the sale of property or investment

      4) Income from sources other than salary like lottery, different legal meaning of gambling, bets on horse races)

      5) Agricultural income of more than Rs. 5000

      6) Foreign income or assets

      7) Non-resident or a resident not ordinarily resident

      8) Company direct

      Not eligible for filing ITR 2

      1) Individual or HUF having income from PGBP, i.e. profits and gains of business or professions

      2) Individuals eligible for ITR 1


Who is Not Eligible to File ITR 1 Form for AY 2023-24?

ITR-2 form is for individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) who fall under any of the following categories:

1· The income of the taxpayer must be more than Rs.50 lakh

 Income can be created via salary or from a pension

 Income generated from house property

 Income generated from sources such as lottery or horse races

 In case the taxpayer is a company’s director

 Agricultural income of the taxpayer is higher than Rs.5,000

 Revenue produced from capital gains

 In case any investments were made in equity bonds unlisted during the financial year

 Income is generated from foreign assets and foreign income 

What is the Structure of ITR 2 Form?

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