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WordPress | Linkedin |Facebook| instagram |Taxation

Consultancy Business internship programm. 


Sociel Media Manager

Content management and procedural Pattern for Internet Business

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Linkedin | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

All work related to Designing the Graphical, Video and Content through renowned apps. 

  • Research of trending content.
  • Designing of Content through app like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe IIllustrator, *Canva*(Premium Acesss)
  • Research of hashtags, Tags, Titles, Keywords.
  • Posting and gaining traffic.

Website Designing with WordPress

  • Designing the quick, fast, and smooth working website.
  • Best uses of plugins and redireting  traffic.
  • Copywriting and content manupulation techniques.
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Taxation and Legal Experience

  • Income Tax Return filing sessions.
  • GST Returns filing sessions
  • EPF Returns Filing sessions
  • ESIC Return filing sessions
  • Railway and other government Bidding sessions
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