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DSC-Digital Signature

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DSC-Digital Signature

  1. All the tokens will be shipped by Standard Courier only as per the availability in Area.
  2. In case of no availability of Courier, company will refund your amount within 15 working days after deducting Bank charges.
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  4. For change in address, you have to send a mail at support@leegal.in before the dispatch of the order.
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  6. Courier delivery time will depend on your area and courier service. Company will not responsible for any delay by courier.
  7. In case of lost of courier, company will provide replacement after discussing with courier company about the exact status of old courier.
  • Verification of accounts of workers 
  • Updation of Worker Account
  • Generate the Wagelist
  • Generate FTO By Accountant
  • Approve and send FTO to the bank by PO/BDO
  • Freeze Worker Account 

A valid Class 3 Digital Certificate is required to work on the mgnrega portal. Authorized signatories require a digital signature, which they can log in to the portal and authorize the data. Officers and authorities have to procure a class 3 digital signature, which has to be registered on the portal.

  • First, download the JAVA JRE and install it in your computer system and restart the system
  • Connect the DSC Token to the computer USB port and select the login credential and click proceed.
  • Click on Continue 
  • If the Certificate is valid, it will prompt for PIN. Enter USB Token PIN and click on OK.
  • If the DSC is enrolled successfully the following screen will be shown “Certificate has been Enrolled Successfully”.
  • Click on Home Button. 

Digital Signature for Amazon Invoice Signing | Class 3 DSC

Sellers and Vendors who are registered and sell products on multinational organizations are required to do digital signatures on invoices, bills, and Challans. Ecommerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and others are required to sign Invoices with DSC. You may buy a valid

 It is an Individual Signing Certificate on behalf of the organization. It is a multipurpose Class 3 DSC certificate that can be used for Invoice Signing, Document Signing, GST and ITR return filing, ROC and MCA related works, EPFO and IEC activities, and Form 16 Signing.

  • Multipurpose DSC.
  • Best Digital Signature for eCommerce websites Amazon, Flipkart, Google, and others Invoice Signing.
  • Best DSC for documents sign.
  • GST and Income tax return filing.
  • Company Incorporation and MCA-related works.
  • For import-export code (IEC).
  • IPR and Patent registration.
  • EPF related activities.
  • Please open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Click on Tools and then Certificates
  • Hit on Digitally Sign Open 
  • Select Area where you want to Sign
  • Select Digital Signature from USB Token
  • Enter token Password/ pin
  • your Invoice/document successfully signed
  • Select location to save the signed file.

Digital Signature Certificate in Ramgarh

A digital signature certificate is an electronic sort of a sign. DSC can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a record. It protected the real content of the information/document that has been sent is unchanged. Digital Signature Certificate can be confirmed electronically to prove your identity for access information online. It uses to digitally sign documents. DSC is the electronic form of a paper certificate. These Certificates accept as proof of identity of a person for a specific purpose.

  • Digital signatures are easily transportable.
  • Digital signatures cannot be duplicated by someone else.
  • The scheme ensures that the sender cannot deny it
  • GST, Income-Tax, MCA registration
  • Online return filing
  • Online Tender filing
  • Participate on E-Auction
  • Patent and Trademark registration
  • EPFO Portal registration
  • A Digital Signature Certificate validates credentials electronically.
  • It provides a high level of security for online transactions.
  • It ensuring the complete privacy of the information transferred electronically.
  • These certificates encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it.
  • Digitally sign information give assurance to the recipient that it has not been changed in transit.
  • It verifies the identity of the sender of the message.

DSC are issued only through the CCA Govt. of India licensed Certifying Authorities.

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